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Wheel of Excellence: Power of Collaboration

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

“Interdependent people combine their own efforts with the efforts of others to achieve their greatest success.” - Stephen Covey.

Collaboration is a key skill for progressing in life. Children, goaded by their parents, are driven towards a misconception that they need to outperform each other to reach the top. The message that the world is a global village where we all need to collaborate to succeed needs to reach the children, the future of our country.

At the Young Legends Academy, our unique and much-needed program focuses on 21st-century skills for children. Children learn vital skills like collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, communication, and compassion. The program is aptly named "The Wheel of Excellence."

In the segment on collaboration, children were instructed and encouraged to create a skit/video/project together as a team on the importance of Republic Day or any historical Indian character.

A child as young as 9 years old teaming up to execute a project of this magnitude is a challenging task. Yet they didn't let any obstacle stop them from their eagerness to learn. Children from different locations in India and the Gulf teamed up, and the output was indeed a result of true team spirit.

The team led by Dhishira, Dwitika, and Srestha donned the roles of three historic characters: Chatrapathi Shivaji, King Ashoka, and Raja Raja Chola. They had a plot, humor, and even dressed in their historical avatars. Through their oratory skills, they brought the characters to life. Towards the end of their performance, they conducted a quiz on their skit to check their listening skills.

Parvath and his team made a video on the importance of Republic Day.

Shiven and his team explained the various events of the parade and their importance. Each team member presented a portion of it. The work was divided as per the needs of the script and their individual strengths. They also highlighted how they worked as a team and the challenges they faced.

The teams went on to create mystery stories (murder, robbery). This was done in a short span of 15 minutes in the break-out rooms. Stories were recited with clues for the others to solve. The stories were original, and, surprisingly, the other teams were able to solve the problems. Dwitika's team went a step ahead and enacted a play about aliens. This was collaboration and creativity at its peak.

We strongly believe, given the right opportunity and a fun-filled environment, every child will realize that collaboration is the right step forward in life.

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