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Feedback from a Parent

Hello everyone, Namaste.

First of all, Thank you for giving me this opportunity to render my feedback.

Always it’s a pleasure to talk about the growing wisdom of the kids.

There a famous book in Kannada, ‘mankuthimmana Kagga’ by very famous poet Dr. D V Gundappa, he is well known as DVG. It is also acknowledged as ‘Kannada Bhagavadgeeta’. I love to quote a verse from this book.

It goes like

Which construe to mean “It’s a beauty to watch the growing wisdom in children on this earth. He draws 2 similes to emphasize this point like how the new plant sprouts & shoots new leaves every day and how the pure water incessantly springs & spurts from the fountain, likewise it is wonderful to watch growing wisdom in kids”.

The YOUNG LEGENDS ACADEMY, YLA is a perfect place to have such an amazing experience and I think we all witnessed on the graduation day how these kids performed all sorts of roles like MC, topic master, speakers, and evaluators. it was very wonderful treat to watch. It gave me an immense sense of nation-building activity at YLA by and large. From bottom of my heart, I would like to thank all functionaries of YLA and my special thanks to senior mentor Mr. Kadri. His personal touch to kids, mentoring discreetly each kid, each speech, each role for every meeting is truly icing on the cake. The kids are under the right tutelage, and it is truly a blessing.

I’m the proud father of Parvath Raj, an 11-year-old kid at YLA and we as parents feel lucky that YLA happened to him

at the right time while we were looking for some activity like this.

I want to quote 2-3 lines of a south Indian renowned sage, The great Thiruvalluvar which can be loosely translated as

· “A father's duty to his son is, to seat him in front of the wise.”

· “With joy the hearts of parents swell, to see their children themselves excel.”

I think YLA is such a platform that all parents should seek. It is my personal firsthand experience, and it is great pleasure to watch my son Parvath improving in his communication skills. His confidence is grown a lot after joining YLA. I'm amazed to see how he talks over the phone with others with much clarity in thinking. We noticed that he makes it very interactive while attending online classes, he started asking more questions, his reaction and response to teachers are substantially improved. In YLA sometimes he gets a role as a mentor. The way he gives tips to his junior mentees is simply fascinating. We can clearly behold the tone and tenor of Mr. Kadri in him. This goes on to prove that you emulate somebody only if you admire them.

Coming to the point, communication is an important dimension and aspect of our life. We all want to live on the power of words. The Study of words is also a study of an idea. If you want to express every shade of your thoughts precisely, you should improve your vocabulary which again comes with rigorous study and practice. Improving communication should become like your second nature. These kids need a little nudge from their parents. I strongly believe YLA is the right place to start with and the way forward I am sure that it would be an incredibly significant cusp of their public speaking journey. I strongly suggest the parents choose a platform like YLA to watch their children growing with great communication skills.

Thank you again.

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